Do you have standing water on your property?
We can install various types of
Drainage Systems that can help you
manage storm water effectively!

Does your property retain water or have issues draining after a rain event? If so, then Northscape Enterprises can help you resolve drainage issues on your residential or commercial property.

Sometimes drainage issues can be resolved by simply re-grading your turf area, which might include filling low or settled areas. We can also help re-establish the natural drainage path by excavating area that may be blocked due to lack of proper maintenance of drainage Swales and/or from years of leafs and other vegetation that may have collected in low spots. We correct this by fine grading these areas to achieve positive drainage. Furthermore, we often find that drainage issues may encompass multiple properties. Therefore, you can count on us to tactfully communicate with your local municipality and neighbors in order to identify the cause of the drainage issue and and to offer various solutions.

While some drainage issues can be resolved by simple grading, other can not. For cases such as these you need a contractor like Northscape Enterprises who also specializes in the design and construction of storm water collection systems which can assist in collecting rain water to divert it directly into the village storm sewer or a rain garden.

Rain gardens are a"GREEN" or sustainable option that always the storm water to permeate into the sub soils away from your properties structure. Rain gardens include native plantings that have deep root systems that pierce sub soils and prosper in wet conditions. Rain gardens also offer underground storage that will allow you to store water underground were mosquitos can not access to lay eggs.

Each property offers unique challenges. A quick visit to your property by one of our skilled Project Managers will result in an accurate proposal and action plan. Allow us the opportunity to inspect you property to identify the issue and offer a proposal to implement a solution.

Northscape Enterprises is the local drainage and grading contractor that does all the work for you. We handle everything from authoring a design, to ushering your project through the permit process. We have performed this type of work in almost every local community in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Therefore, we are familiar with each city and/or villages requirements for drainage and grading projects. So you can trust that our team’s knowledge and experience with the permit process will result in an efficient and complete solution to your drainage issue that will satisfy both the customer and the local permitting agency.

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